Annual Greeting Cards
The JSD Card Gallery

The consultancy has been producing annual greeting cards for a decade now, having commenced in 2001.  the aim was always to show highlights from the past year, reflecting the activities of the consultancy, the remote places visited, and in a humorous or oddly contrasting context.

Some years, most, in fact, we produced more than one.  Over the years, they became quite popular with clients, to the point where, increasingly, we were asked to provide back copies or a full set of each year's offerings.

So, by popular request, we have now assembled all of our cards from inception in this gallery.  Looking through the pictures, they certainly do convey an idea, not only of the breadth of travel undertaken, but also the adventurous nature of much of the work.

We hope you enjoy the pictures... and the words.

2010 (sent to friends)

2010 (sent to business associates)




2008(sent to friends)

 Paronella Park, near our home

2007 (we did four cards that year)            a white tiger in Africa

     a helicopter survey in N Sweden                                                   underground at a mine in Armenia


   lion taming in Africa

2006 (we did two cards that year)  

Chinese medicine in Lubumbashi                                                   drill rig at the Beverley 4 Mile Uranium discovery

2006 (we did two cards that year) 

on the summit of Abu Dabbab in Egypt                                                   clearing the rainforest block in N Queensland

2005 (we did four cards that year) 

Montmartre, Paris

Katanga province, Democratic republic of Congo                         and the mine where we worked

 2004 (we did four cards that year)  

Hiking in Tasmania
A visit to K2 in Pakistan 

2003 (we did two cards that year) 

 a lonely well in the Algerian Sahara                                                  at the old Russian minesite in the Algerian desert

2001 (our Everest successful expedition) and 2002 (working in Tarkwa, Ghana)
the view from the Everest summit, looking down at Makalu and the South ridge of Everest.

On the summit of Abu Dabbab, Egypt, 2006
Monument Valley, USA, 2010
South Georgia, Antarctica, 2015